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Hawes & Freer are the exclusive agents for a number of high-end international textile brands and work with our customers from cut length orders through to sourcing and development


The best and most luxurious fabric in the world completely sums up the magic of the Dormeuil collection. Dormeuil’s history dates back to 1842 when Jules Dormeuil first started importing English textiles in France. Behind the fabric are years of research and perfection that is required to produce these fine, exotic fabrics. The designs and colours give an obvious point of difference not seen from other mills. When creating the cloth, Dormeuil follows three pillars: part art, part science and part nature. From here textiles are selected annually from breeding farms around the world to produce the highest quality natural fabrics. A strict process is then put in place to ensure the end user is getting a luxury product. Available on a cut length service within 7 working days. Please contact us to make an appointment to view this collection in our showroom.

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SÖKTAŞ was founded in Turkey in 1971, where they were a small cotton farmer and now they are the world’s second largest cotton fabric manufacturer. They have built their reputation by specialising in luxury cotton, cotton blended shirtings, jacket and trouser fabrics. Their focus is on innovative research, development, design, presentation and archiving capabilities, so that buyers stay on top of the latest trends. You won’t be short of choice as they have over 300,000 fabric options available to choose from. They incorporate sustainability into their company, especially in the production of their Eco Logic textile range. This includes organic cotton blends and recycled cotton.

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Ventures based in Kolkata, India was established in 1994. They export high-value textile products and garments, as well as specialised embroidery and weaves for some of the top luxury brands in the world. Ventures top achievement was at the Premiere Vision Awards in 2016 where they won the Grand Jury award for their innovative fabrics. They were the first Asian company to win this prestigious award.

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Carnet manufactures and distributes high-end fabrics to ateliers, showrooms, designers, top garment makers and made-to-measure specialists worldwide, offering both their Ungaro collections and their own Carnet collection. From printed to yarn-dyed fabrics, from silk to wool, Carnet offers only the finest womenswear and menswear fabrics. The range of Carnet’s collection books are available at Hawes & Freer for you to look through. Contact us to make an appointment to view this beautiful collection.

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Three generations old, Davisha was started in Melbourne but originated many years before in Europe. They have focused on specializing in importing high quality wools, wool mix fabrics that are sourced globally. The advantage to you is that you can order as little as 1m and have it delivered within 7 working days.

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Merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills is an innovative brand that has retained the craft feel to our sewing industry. The products can take you from in the workroom to sewing at home, as it inspires people to create with a range of pragmatic sewing tools. These tools include tailors scissors, pins and needles for all kinds of garments, sewing kits and workbooks. We carry this range in our showroom.

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