Fusing Services

Hawes & Freer offers a fuse service in house for wholesale production runs. We are only able to fuse Hawes & Freer fusing products. To help us give you trouble free service, we make the following requests:

  • The maximum recommended width of the fabric, which can be fused, is 97cm. The maximum block length is 150cm. Longer blocks and fusing must be supplied on rolls.
  • Written instructions should always be supplied with every job. The fabric should be clearly marked right or wrong side.
  • Interlining must be cut smaller than the fabric by 0.5-1cm all around. This prevents resin transferring onto the press belts, then back onto your fabric.
  • We recommend that the fusing be cut warp to warp with the fabric.
  • The material to be fused should be crease free.
  • Any comments on cloth peculiarities, e.g. shrinkage, possible colour change etc., will be welcome so we can take steps to avoid such problems.
  • Different fabrics require different press settings. Please supply off-cuts of cloth and interlining so we can test before proceeding.
  • Please allow 3-5 days for your order to be completed.